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Practice Norwegian theory tests online


Drone A2

If you are going to take the exam in drone A2, you should take a look here first - we have created questions that you can test yourself on so that you pass the exam at the National Road Administration.


Theory test for motorcycle

Practice for the theory test from the entire syllabus for motorbike categories A1, A2, and A. You can use the practice tasks leading up to the theory test, but we also cover essential topics for the driving test.


Theory test for car

Practice questions for the theory test in category B, similar to those you get when you take the theory test at the traffic station with the Norwegian Road Administration.


Theory test for lorry

You will find good practice exercises with explanations and math problems for the theory test for lorry category C.


Theory test for bus

You are responsible for many lives and have great values as a bus driver. Here you can test yourself on essential topics that you as a driver must know for the theory test and everyday life afterward.


Theory test for lorry with trailer

The natural extension when you have the bus or lorry license but need the trailer license. Tasks similar to those you will get in the theory test.


Road signs, lights and markings

A comprehensive test with every Norwegian traffic sign, light and road marking.


Safety check cat. B

The safety check is about discovering faults that can be expensive or dangerous - but is also an important part of your driving test.


Practical driving skills

Test yourself in skills even Norwegians struggle with when being on the road, like roundabouts, traffic lights and the right-hand rule.


First Aid

Test yourself in safety and behavior at the scene of an accident and study different cases. In addition, we go through the most common diseases and injuries.


Practice for Norwegian Drone A2 in English!

Written 07.09.22

Now you can take the drone exam in English. We have also updated our practice questions so that you can practice both in Norwegian and English!

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